Since October 2006, Planet Emacsen has aggregated the blogs of people in the Emacs user and developer community. If you would like to be included, please email me.

From September 2005 until January 2007, I occasionally wrote a blog on Emacs. I’ve since closed up shop and have moved the blog posts from here into my personal blog. Here are links to those posts:

  1. September 2005
    1. Welcome to Emacsen.org!
    2. Easily installing third-party .el files
    3. Editing JavaScript in Emacs
    4. Using Emacs under Terminal.app
  2. October 2005
    1. Deleting email like Strong Bad
    2. Using tabs when you have to
    3. Per-file customization
    4. Sacha interviews me
  3. November 2005
    1. Quote of the Day
    2. Simplify
  4. December 2005
    1. Munging Gmane’s Archived-At Header
  5. January 2006
    1. Eric Marsden’s EMACSulation
    2. ERC is now bundled with Emacs!
    3. In the beginning, there was Emacs
    4. Upgraded Emacsen.org to WordPress 2
  6. February 2006
    1. MozRepl — rapid Javascript development with Emacs and Mozilla
    2. Updated backpack.el: Now with multiple-lists-per-page support!
  7. March 2006
    1. GTD: Simple to-do lists with Emacs’ outline-mode
    2. Emacs: the 100-year editor
    3. Introducing json.el
  8. May 2006
    1. Giant Emacs screens in Cambridge, MA
  9. July 2006
    1. Bloglines
  10. October 2006
    1. Planet Emacsen
  11. January 2007
    1. Twitter from Emacs!

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